Source of total health in a glass of Pilk

The milk made with love from plants.

Your search for the best plant milk ends here. Now your taste buds, health and environment will go inline as you can find best of all worlds here, power packed and delivered in a single glass to you.
Have the lifestyle you always desired with Pilk-Packed awesomeness.


glass of pilk


Pilk tastes delicious

Tastes delicious and feels the same as dairy milk. Free from soya, nuts & allergens.

Pilk goes best with tea, coffee

Have it in your preferred way as it goes best in tea, coffee, cereals & smoothies.

Pilk has complete plant protein

Fulfill your daily needs of all essential nutrients with complete plant protein.

Pilk is pure love from nature

No artificial colors, flavours & preservatives, just pure love from nature.

Pilk drops
Pilk is made with oats and peas

Rejuvenating Humans

We are providing the best of the plant world to make you as healthy as you should be.

  • Complete source of protein from Plants.
    Experience wholesomeness of protein, providing you all the essential parts.

  • 50% more Calcium.
    No weaker bones now. Have your all calcium requirements fulfilled here.

  • Lactose - Free milk.
    Get rid of unwanted bloating, diarrhea, stomach aches and fatigue.

  • Zero cholesterol
    And a lot of plant-based fibers that make your Heart says Wow.

  • 90% less Saturated fat
    Give you veins space and cheer them up by removing bad fat blockages.

Pilk saves environment

& Rejuvenating Earth

We are helping you to easily reduce your environmental footprint by just switching to PILK.

  • 90% lesser GHG emissions
    Embrace the coolest way to cool down the earth.

  • 95% less water consumption
    Just by drinking 1 Lt of Pilk over dairy will save 900 Lt of water

  • 85% less land footprint
    Let’s make more space for nature to accommodate and flourish.

  • This gives us and our coming generation a better world to live in.